Your protection needs

Recent surveys which have been conducted by the leading insurers in the protection market have all been showing the same results, that the majority of people will happily protect their possessions by taking out insurance such as buildings and contents polices before taking out policies which will protect their life or health or the lives of their families.

This is something our advisers at Personal Healthcare/Financial Management have been struggling to understand, after all, the long term impact of your house being burgled are far smaller than the impact on your family and finances should the main earner be out of work through long term sickness or even worse in the event of an unexpected death.

We believe that every family needs to understand the value of protecting what is truly important and have a long term plan which will cover all eventualities should the worst happen.

This is why Personal Healthcare/Financial Management is committed to changing the way people think about protection and what they protect.

We can offer expert advice on a wide range of products which will cover you in any instance from needing urgent medical attention to paying you a monthly amount in the event of being made unemployed and even paying a lump sum to your family in the event of death.

Obviously these are instances that nobody likes to think about, so where do you start?  Our advisers will be able to use their knowledge and experience to discuss with you what is truly important. They will help you make a plan and give advice on which policies they think would suit your needs the most. Whether you would want to make sure your children have access to the best education even if you’re not around to pay for it or making sure your spouse is not left to struggle with mortgage payments due to the loss of an income.

Personal Healthcare/Financial Management are not tied to any insurer, we can offer whole of market research which means you know you are getting the best possible policy for your money.

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