The Importance of Regular Eye Examinations

Consider the impact the loss of sight would have on your life – driving, working, watching TV or films, seeing your children and grandchildren grow up – the list of day to day activities affected by the loss of sight is endless, and it can be prevented if identified early.

At what price would you value your sight?  Regular eye checks by an optician are highly recommended as they not only determine if you need glasses, they can also detect early stages of conditions such as Glaucoma and macular degeneration, and eye diseases which can be caused by diabetes.

Unless advised otherwise, it is recommended that an adult should have their eyes tested every 2 years.  As well as a vision test to examine your eyesight, you will also have the internal pressure of your eye checked to determine if you are at risk from glaucoma which is a painless disease which can lead to loss of vision unless treated.

The condition of the retinal blood vessels give a good indication of how high blood pressure and diabetes are affecting blood vessels throughout the rest of the body.  This information can prove valuable when assessed by a patient’s GP when evaluating how a patient is medically managed.

If you have a cashplan like Westfield for example, you could have the cost of your eye examinations, glasses or contact lenses reimbursed to you.  This may encourage you to go to the opticians more often to get your eyes checked as you can claim your money back up to a nominated annual limit depending on the level of cover you choose to have.

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