Private Medical Insurance – Worth the Money?

You may ask yourself why would I pay for something I can already get for free?  The quick and easy answer is like with most things in life – if you can afford to, and are prepared to pay more, you get more.

More – Choice on when and where you receive treatment.

More – Relaxing surroundings, with larger, more comfortable rooms.

More – Privacy, with mostly single occupancy rooms.

More – Speed when it comes to recovery due to being able to rest more easily.

More – Cleanliness, with less chance of catching infections or superbugs.

More – Access to treatments and drugs not commonly available through the NHS.

With the cost of medicines and treatments continually going up, combined with an ever ageing population there is an increasing strain on the NHS.  If you become ill, get injured or need treatment do you want to have to deal with unpredictable waiting list times, or an operation that’s cancelled at the last minute?  Then PMI could be for you.

We at Personal Healthcare Management are a whole of market PMI broker with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience.  We will look after your policy from discussing your needs, providing quotes, advising you on the level of cover provided within the policy, through to application, and should the worst happen, help you with your claim.

If you would like any further information on the service that we can offer you, then please call 01829 781 920 and we will be happy to chat to you.

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