FCAThe FCA was formally known as the FSA until May 2013. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) is not a government department; it was a designated agency acting as a limited company. The FSA did not have statutory powers under the Banking Act 1987 and the Financial Services Markets Act 2000.

The FSA was appointed by the treasury and it is the treasury who has the overall responsibility for the financial services industry under the direction of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

The FSA performed it role by setting standards, developing rules and regulations whilst supervising their implementation as well as authorising companies and individuals.

The FSA had clear objectives which it tried to uphold. The FSA wanted to promote public understanding of the financial industry, maintain confidence in the financial industry, asses consumer risk to the various products and strive to reduce or eliminate financial crime such as money laundering or insider dealing.

The FCA is very similar to the FSA, it is still independent of the government and still reports to the treasury.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) who now regulate the financial services industry are committed to promote fair competition, ensure the industry remains stable and protect customers. They have the power to enforce rules and apply investigative procedures.

Personal Healthcare Management and Personal Financial Management where authorised by the FSA and are now fully authorised by the FCA (Financial Services Authority)

Our FCA Number is : 568081