Benefits of eating your 5 a day!

We all know that it’s healthy to get your ‘5 a day’, but if you don’t fancy the thought of having a grapefruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and vegetable stew for dinner, you may not have considered it is a lifestyle choice.  The fact is that it is really easy to get 5 portions of fruit and Veg into […]

Your protection needs

Recent surveys which have been conducted by the leading insurers in the protection market have all been showing the same results, that the majority of people will happily protect their possessions by taking out insurance such as buildings and contents polices before taking out policies which will protect their life or health or the lives of their families. This is […]

Website Launch

Hello, we are all very excited here at Personal Healthcare/Financial Management as we have just launched our brand new website with great help from the team at Sutton Silver and we have some new members of staff to introduce to you. Firstly, our website is now available to view or , if you get a moment why don’t […]