Cash Plans – An investment in your workforce

If you have been looking into starting up an employee benefits package for your work force but have found many products or schemes to be too expensive,  get in touch with Personal Healthcare/Financial Management,  we will be able to offer you advice on a range of cash plans which could be exactly what your have been looking for.

Cash plans are a great way of allowing your employee’s to access all their essential healthcare needs which in the long term could reduce sickness and absenteeism dramatically and give your employee’s a great sense of value within your company.  Be used as part as your recruitment package and an aid in retaining staff.  They can also help in the companies Duty of Care.  Companies with cash plans as an employee benefits package have reported that productivity has increased as well as motivation and morale.

Through a cash plan scheme employee’s can take advantage of fantastic benefits such as: eye care, dental care, physiotherapy treatment, consultations and diagnostics.  Many cash plans also offer a 24 hour phone service manned by medically trained professionals and can give quick and easy access to MRI scans.

All of these benefits can be used to prevent long term sickness by helping to identify a health issue before it escalates.

If you are interested in a low cost effective employee benefits package please contact Personal Healthcare/Financial Management to discuss your needs. 01829 781920

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