The Importance of Regular Eye Examinations

Consider the impact the loss of sight would have on your life – driving, working, watching TV or films, seeing your children and grandchildren grow up – the list of day to day activities affected by the loss of sight is endless, and it can be prevented if identified early. At what price would you value your sight?  Regular eye […]

Benefits of eating your 5 a day!

We all know that it’s healthy to get your ‘5 a day’, but if you don’t fancy the thought of having a grapefruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and vegetable stew for dinner, you may not have considered it is a lifestyle choice.  The fact is that it is really easy to get 5 portions of fruit and Veg into […]

Why use a Mortgage Broker

Personal Financial Management can assist you whether you are buying your first property, buying an investment property to let out to tenants, remortgaging your current property to access a better deal or remortgaging to raise capital, but what are the benefits of using our fantastic service? Our advisors at Personal Financial Management pride themselves on their expert knowledge of the […]

Cash Plans – An investment in your workforce

If you have been looking into starting up an employee benefits package for your work force but have found many products or schemes to be too expensive,  get in touch with Personal Healthcare/Financial Management,  we will be able to offer you advice on a range of cash plans which could be exactly what your have been looking for. Cash plans […]

Your protection needs

Recent surveys which have been conducted by the leading insurers in the protection market have all been showing the same results, that the majority of people will happily protect their possessions by taking out insurance such as buildings and contents polices before taking out policies which will protect their life or health or the lives of their families. This is […]